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Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance
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1 Winner every 24h for Green card members


Exclusive draws for Gold Card Members


Free to participate and become a Green Card Member


Update your information anytime Profile Login


Apply for your Green Card Membership online


Submit photos online or by mail


Official C.I.H assessment is mandatory for a fee of $200 USD


Access to online profile application


Winners are served by licensed Immigration consultants


Immigration to Canada is granted for winners and their family members


Complete consultancy processing fees paid by CIFA


Processing of the winners and their families


Government processing fees paid by CIFA


Right of landing fees paid by CIFA

Don’t miss out on your chance to immigrate to this beautiful and prosperous nation. Canada is the land of different cultures and numerous opportunities. Canada is a vast country continuously developing its main cities and suburbs.


We need your skills, your talents and enthusiasm to continue to grow. Apply now for your Green Card Membership. Become the new residents of a beautiful country with stable economic growth and access to excellent social services.


Visit our Testimonials page as proof of how much The Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance is committed by having made dreams come true.


Welcome to the Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance Agency


The Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance is a non-profit organization willing to pay for your dream to immigrate to Canada.


Join Canada Immigration Financial Assistance and let your dreams come true!





That's right you could immigrate to Canada for FREE! The Canadian Immigration Financial Assistance will pay for you and your family’s immigration processing, visa and landing fees.

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The Canada Immigration Financial Assistance, is non governmental, non-profit organization registered according to part 3 of the Quebec Corporation Acts for non-profit organization operating in Canada.